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What are your signs made of?

100% Baltic Birch Wood

Are your sign only for doors?

Of course not! Two Swings Studio can create a sign for you, from door to décor!

Why don't you have prices on your site?

Prices are not listed on the site because most of the signs can be made at any size. All of the seasonal and holiday signs fit on a standard size front door.

Can I order from this site?
Not at this time. We like to have direct contact with clients about custom orders because colors and designs are not always accurately reflected on the screen.

How can you help me customize my sign?

Measure the space (maximum height and length) where you would like to display your sign. When you contact us we’ll discuss what type of font and design you would like. We can match bedding or other décor you already have or create something unique for you.

How long will my order take?
A custom order could take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on time of year you order and how much detail you’d like in the design.  Many of the seasonal and sports-themed signs are in stock.

Do you ship?
Yes! There will be an additional packing and shipping charge.

How do I store my sign when I'm not using it?
When storing your sign, please don’t place anything on top of it or wrap it in tissue paper. Some materials tend to stick to the finish, especially in humid climates.

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